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January 08 2013


ups batteries

UPS power supplies allow engineers to specify failsafes for both AC and DC equipment: protecting business and life critical installations from failure.
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December 07 2012


printed bags

Printed polyethylene bags can be used in a variety of ways in your business. You can have them custom-made to fit your exact requirements, which makes them even more indispensable.
Tags: printed bags

December 06 2012


conference rooms London

Christmas is the time of year when the office or workplace has traditionally celebrated with a party. Nowadays as tastes are more sophisticated Christmas parties can be held at venues with a distinct and diverse flavour. London is a city where such packages and unique venues are available.


Scooters are an economical mode of transport that are easy to ride and cheap to run. They are appealing for young and old alike and can come in very stylish ranges and different engine sizes. They are very cheap to buy.
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November 21 2012



Mail Magic is an email marketing solutions company servicing a European client base. Mail Magic specialise in enhancing marketing campaigns and improving sales conversions.

November 15 2012



Litman’s have in recent years have become one of the most innovative independent textile supplier in the UK. Based in Nottingham customers from all around the world are now turning to them for leading edge fabrics alongside traditional lace and nets.

luxury paper bag

Keenpac have over 30 years experience in the luxury retail packaging industry, meeting your specialized needs. They supply an extensive range of custom carrier bags, paper bags and laminated bags.
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